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Shadows Bindi
05/01/06 - 05/12/06
Black Tortoiseshell Asian (72e)
'Bindi' (or bhindi) is derived from the Sanskrit word 'bindu' or a drop, and suggests the mystic third eye of a person.  It is the traditional mark that is made on the forehead of a woman to indicate her marital status. A black bhindi is often a sign of a young, unmarried woman or a widow; a red bindi indicates a married woman.
Bombay & Asian Self Breed Club 11 November 2006, Sandiacre
1st     Open Class 4: Asian & Bombay Adult, AOC Self Female (Mrs Smith)
1st     Class 44:  Asian & Bombay Adult, AC Non-Breeders Female (Mrs Lewis)
1st     Class 48:  Asian & Bombay Adult, AC Limit (Mrs Marriott-Power)
1st     Class 49:  Asian & Bombay Adult, AC Adolescent (Mrs Lewis)
1st     Class 156:  Bombay & Asian Self Breed Club, AC Asian Self/ Bombay Adult (Mrs Smith)
2nd    Class 50:  Asian & Bombay Adult, AC Junior (Mrs Marriott-Power)

Kensington, Kitten & Neuter Cat Club 29 July 2006, Bracknell
2nd     Open Class 386: Asian self & Tortie inc Bombay kitten female (Mrs Kelly)
2nd     Class 751: AV Non-breeders kitten (Mrs Ashmore)
2nd     Class 753: AV kitten 6-9 mths (Mr Parkin)
5th      Class 756: AV Maiden kitten (Mr Parkin)

Asian Group Cat Society Show 24 June 2006, Bletchley
Best of Breed
1st      Open Class 15: Asian self or Tortie kitten 14 w - 6 mths (Mr Fox)
1st      Class 58: AV Asian kitten 6 mths and under (Mrs Potter)
2nd     Class 47: AV Asian kitten not bred by exhibitor, female (Mrs Green)
2nd     Class 54: AC Asian smoke or self/tortie kitten inc Tiffanie (Mrs Ashmore)
2nd     Class 55: AV Asian Debutante kitten (Mrs Kilby)

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