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Electra (Kamatsu Columbine)
Red Burmese (27d)
Electra means amber, shining, bright (Indo-European wleik-, to flow, run, as a liquid); electrum is an alloy of silver and gold, and means amber in Latin, as does the Greek elektron; Thales of Miletus noted in 600 BC that a rubbed piece of amber will attract bits of straw, a manifestation of the effects of static electricity (outer charge stripping via friction), and perhaps the origin of the modern term. Electra is a common name in Greek mythology, but our baby is named after the Electra who was one of the Pleiades (Alcyone, Celaeno, Maia, Sterope, Merope and Taygete), the wife of Thaumas, mother of the goddess Iris and the Harpies (Aello, Celaeno, and Ocypete).

Wiltshire & District Cat Club 7th Show - 2 July 2005
1st place:  Class 388, Red Burmese Kitten

Burmese Cat Society 16th Championship Show - 5 November 2005
1st place:  Class 69, Red Burmese Neuter Female 
1st place:  Class 113, AC Junior Neuter Male or Female

The Burmese Cat Society
The Burmese Cat Club

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